Health rules

Below is a personal list of health rules that I picked up from podcasts, books, and personal experience.


  • Health is my number one priority in life. "A healthy man wants a million things. A sick man only wants one."


  • Exercise is for the mind. Nutrition is for the body. Sleep is for the mind and body.
  • "It's not dying you should be worried about - it's chronic disease.", 30 Lessons for Living by Karl Pillemer, which is one my favorite books.
  • Evolution is a good guide for the first answer to any health issue. At the same time, be wary of the fact that evolution optimizes for gene replication, not the good of the species or the individual.
  • Just like any other job, there are good doctors and bad doctors. Always seek a second opinion for important decisions.
  • N=1 is relevant in health due to the


  • The skin is an organ that you have to take care of. Use sunscreen and moisturizer everyday. Everything else is superfluous. Good video on the topic.
  • Only use physical sunscreen. Good thread on the topic. Pro tip: enter the list of ingredients in ChatGPT and ask it if there are oxybenzone or avobenzone in it. These are the ingredients you want to avoid. Instead, ask Chat GPT if there is Tinosorb S and Uvinul A Plus. These are the ingredients you want because they don't disrupt your hormones and are protecting you well from the Sun.
  • Sugar is the enemy. Artificial sweeteners are actually fine if they help avoid sugar. Are Artificial Sweeteners Killing Your Health?
  • Alcool is the enemy. Only use it if the "socialization" benefits you get from it are greater than your health. The trick is to reduce proportionally: "1-2 glasses nights" become "0 glass nights". And "3-4 glasses nights" become "1-2 glasses nights".
  • Buy an automatic blood pressure monitor and learn how to measure properly. You can also test your friends and family, which is actually fun.

I don't follow all those rules all the time. It's an aspiration. But my goal is to develop my own protocol like Brian Johnson's Blueprint.